Regional BPO & Shared Services Survey

Regional BPO & Shared Services Survey

We bring to you Aon’s Regional BPO & Shared Services Survey, Philippines, 2019.

Over the past decade Aon has been working extensively with clients in the BPO & Shared Services space helping augment effective solutions across Talent management, Career Development, Total Rewards and Designing compelling value proposition for employees. We are leveraging our learnings from this space to launch our first Annual BPO & Shared Services Survey and Forum in Philippines.

Some of the features of the Aon BPO Industry Study:

  • Detailed Total Rewards Coverage: Detailed reports for both Compensation & Benefits
  • Robust Industry Framework: Covering 500+ jobs across 12+ levels
  • Data Confidentiality Complete Data confidentiality to ensure no single organization data is identifiable
  • Access to Detailed Compensation Report: Customized anchors of Pay for reporting
  • Accurate Job Matching: Individual meetings conducted to accurately map jobs; ensuring consistency
  • Sub-Sectors Covered: Third party BPO, shared services/Global In-House Centres, KPO, RPO
  • Custom Peer Cuts: Flexibility to generate aggregate peer cuts across chosen peer organization
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Benefits Report

Participation Benefits:

  • Participant report for all positions on two pay anchors and key percentiles
  • Participation in 2 action planning learning sessions to enable implementation
  • Cost and time effective access to accurate findings and in-depth analysis
  • Access to Aon’s strong and proprietary industry framework
  • Participation in the study would entail you to discounted pricing for additional reports
  • Complete data confidentiality of your data