What is #ImagineeringTomorrow?

What is Imagineering Tomorrow?

A Co-creation Journey

Will we have robots on our payrolls?

Will automation take away my job?

Will an app replace my business?

The world is fast changing. Technology is not just enabling, but also empowering a virtual workforce. Artificial intelligence is not just powering operational efficiencies, but also delivering hyper-personalized business insights. Disruptive market forces are further magnifying the rate at which businesses evolve, become obsolete or redefine themselves.
Welcome to the future. Welcome to the new world of work.
An exciting, fast-changing era that has been defined by The Economist as the Third Industrial Revolution.
We are already witnessing parts of this trend with uberization of cabs, fintech making waves in financial services, ecommerce changing the playing field for retail. And many more.
Makes one pause and wonder. Will everything change? Will something be the same?
The question is not whether my organization will change, the question is to what degree and in what ways?
None of us have all the answers.  But all of us have many questions.
At Aon Hewitt we are looking to surf a new wave in to the future. This adventure promises uncertainty and demands geared-up organizations. Join us as we work with leading industry players to imagine the future of work and engineer for the challenges and opportunities that will come our collective way.
Let’s co-create the journey map for this adventure ­- #ImagineeringTomorrow.