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Human Capital Strategies in Financial Services: Time to Look Beyond Compensation?

29 Aug 2019  by   Roopank Chaudhary & Anurag Saha

Never really blessed with calm waters, the financial services industry continues to find itself at the forefront of crisis, challenges, and scrutiny (yet again). Widely in the news for wrong reasons, it also continues to see great disruption in terms of regulation and technology, as well as talent.

ARTq | Vol 1 - Issue 2

14 Aug 2019  by  

You are possibly picking up this copy of our quarterly as you take your seat at our 12th Annual Performance and Rewards Conference. Those of you who have been regulars at this conference must have noticed that over a period this event has transformed from a confluence of client experiences and learnings to us bringing to you our original research and perspectives for the audience.

Provident Fund Amendments Action 2019

14 Aug 2019  by  

The first quarter of the calendar year has seen important developments with respect to the statutory Provident Fund in India. These developments impact both employers and employees.

An Approach To Designing A Data Enabled Culture

Introducing a series of articles from Aon, highlighting the approach, mindset and enablement needed to build a data culture

Data Culture Is Decision Culture

Introducing a series of articles from Aon, highlighting the approach, mindset and enablement needed to build a data culture

Important changes impacting Provident Fund in India

02 May 2019  by   Vishal Grover

Exempt Provident Funds get severely impacted by investments made in Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) group.

India Inc: Emerging economy, mature mindset

30 Apr 2019  by   Neha Bakshi & Roopank Chaudhary

Over the years, the ratio of salary increases to GDP growth rates in India has started to show signs of maturity and is merging with the global developed economies line (1.2X – 1.4X) while other emerging economies have a relatively higher salary increase to GDP ratio of 1.6X to 1.8X.

Financial institutions: Silver lining after the storm

23 Apr 2019  by   Roopank Chaudhary & Ritika Shah

The year seems to be fairly upbeat for the sector, if increment projections are anything to go by.

No Country for Solid Citizens

The world’s emphasis on mavericks is unprecedented today. And rightly so, it is the “star” that have the potential to land your firm on the moon. However, where we miss the bus in creating a high-performance culture is the neglect on solid citizens or worse ridiculing them with “Sharma Ji’s son like employee”.

Campus hiring, compensation on upswing this year

03 Apr 2019  by   The Economic Times

Among business schools, tier-2 and tier-3 institutes have witnessed a higher year-on-year compensation growth, according to Aon Campus Study 2018-19, shared exclusively with ET.