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Human Capital Strategies in Financial Services: Time to Look Beyond Compensation?

29 Aug 2019  by   Roopank Chaudhary & Anurag Saha

Never really blessed with calm waters, the financial services industry continues to find itself at the forefront of crisis, challenges, and scrutiny (yet again). Widely in the news for wrong reasons, it also continues to see great disruption in terms of regulation and technology, as well as talent.

Provident Fund Amendments Action 2019

14 Aug 2019  by  

The first quarter of the calendar year has seen important developments with respect to the statutory Provident Fund in India. These developments impact both employers and employees.

Important changes impacting Provident Fund in India

02 May 2019  by   Vishal Grover

Exempt Provident Funds get severely impacted by investments made in Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) group.

India Inc: Emerging economy, mature mindset

30 Apr 2019  by   Neha Bakshi & Roopank Chaudhary

Over the years, the ratio of salary increases to GDP growth rates in India has started to show signs of maturity and is merging with the global developed economies line (1.2X – 1.4X) while other emerging economies have a relatively higher salary increase to GDP ratio of 1.6X to 1.8X.

Financial institutions: Silver lining after the storm

23 Apr 2019  by   Roopank Chaudhary & Ritika Shah

The year seems to be fairly upbeat for the sector, if increment projections are anything to go by.

Campus hiring, compensation on upswing this year

03 Apr 2019  by   The Economic Times

Among business schools, tier-2 and tier-3 institutes have witnessed a higher year-on-year compensation growth, according to Aon Campus Study 2018-19, shared exclusively with ET.

India Inc's average salary hike expected to be 9.7% in 2019

06 Mar 2019  by   Prachi Verma

Employees working at India Inc can expect an average pay hike of 9.7% for the year 2019, according to Aon, a professional services firm. A better outlook is based on companies expecting a positive economic outlook backed by high economic growth expectation, high domestic demand and low inflation.

Sebi regulations: Who would you rather be, CEO or Chairman of the Board?

12 Feb 2019  by   DINKAR PAWAN

Imagine you start a company with your own funds, nurture it, build its brand, grow its profits and when it is ready, take it public to raise fresh funds via an IPO. Until this stage, you are its CEO and if you have provided for most of the capital, also likely to be the chairman of the Board. You are used to calling the shots as the leader of management as well as setting the agenda for all strategic Board level meetings. Simply put, you run the show. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you may not be able to do that anymore.

India Inc's boardrooms: Only 6 out of 100 chairpersons are women

31 Jan 2019  by   The Economic Times

Do top Indian companies have small or large boards? Do they have enough independent directors? How many women are at the top? What’s the average pay of board directors? And which kind of companies pay the most?

ARTq | Vol 1 - Issue 1

16 Jan 2019  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

The new year is every man's birthday - a period of renewed dreams and refreshed hearts. As you pick the best memories and lessons from 2018 and take your position at the start line once again, I wish you explore more of yourself and the world!