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Pay and performance: the paradigm shift at the Indian workplace

22 May 2018 by  Roopank Chaudhary, Akhil Gandhi, Yagesh Singhania

Given the broad economic context prevailing in the country and a strong focus on financial prudence, organisations have to adapt. They have to respond to the velocity of change, manage expectations from stakeholders and constantly deliver in order to stay competitive.

‘Show me the money.’

There is a much a revered and spoken line from the 1996 Hollywood film Jerry Maguire mouthed by Tom Cruise, which is repeated, asserted, shouted, pleaded and perhaps screamed by employees all over India Inc., as salary increment time approaches. Now, in equal measure, and certainly not in the form of a whisper or a weak response, a counter question posed by the employer is:

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Roopank Chaudhary, Akhil Gandhi, Yagesh Singhania