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The India Salary Increase Story – The Twists of 2020 or Just a Blip?

31 Dec 2020 by  The Economic Times

2020 has been a year that is far from normal. Yet not all was bad news for talent in corporate India. Around the world we have seen organisations struggle to maintain cash flows as they attempted to stay afloat by reducing jobs and slashing pay. However, while pay increases may seem like a distant reality for many, many others may have had a different experience this year.

To get a comprehensive view on pay increases, Aon has been conducting a salary increase survey for the last 25 years in India which attracts participation from over 1000 organisations across 22 sectors. The latest edition of this survey which was released in November 2020 suggests that the situation isn’t as bleak as it initially appeared during the initial phases of the lockdown.

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