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Tony Boyce wins the prestigious M. Scott Myers Award

31 Oct 2017 by  Aon Avenue

Aon’s excited to announce that our very own Tony Boyce won the prestigious M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace at the SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) 2016 conference! 

The award was presented by the SIOP Awards Chair, Kristl Davison, to Tony along with former Aon colleagues Jeff Conway and Pat Caputo, for their innovative work and global research that went into developing Aon’s Adaptive Employee Personality tool, ADEPT-15. The awards committee was particularly impressed by the assessment’s scientific rigor.

The M. Scott Myers award is given annually at the SIOP conference to an individual or team who has created and used a specific project or product in an outstanding practice of I-O psychology in the workplace. Products include questionnaires, software, tests or videos, and must have been developed and used in the last 40 years and cover a time period of no longer than eight years.

No matter what industry or job level, all positions require certain personalities that better help the person in that role succeed. Aon Hewitt's newest assessment tool, ADEPT-15™, helps to identify which people are best suited for different roles. Using computer adaptive testing (CAT), ADEPT-15™ is distinctly different from all other personality assessments on the market:

  • Aon is the only firm in the market to use an adaptive personality assessment. Tony Boyce, PhD, Associate Partner, AH, is the architect of ADEPT-15, the first product of its kind.  
  • Adaptive assessments provide more accurate results than other tests. In some cases, it is possible to predict how to answer a personality test to achieve a certain result. By using a CAT format, ADEPT-15 makes it difficult to separate yourself from who you think others want you to be. This improves accuracy and security, and mitigates socially desirable responses.
  • ADEPT-15 is global-friendly. Throughout its development, Boyce and team ensured that ADEPT-15 was culture-agnostic and had minimal demographic (ethnic, cultural, gender, disability status, etc.) differences. It also promises accurate and comparable results across languages and​​​ geographies. "More than three dozen of our clients have been using ADEPT-15 for about two years, and it has been administered to over 5 million people," said Boyce.​​

Where does the "15" come from?
ADEPT-15 assesses 15 unique aspects of personality grouped into six styles that are critical for successful performance across organizational roles. Ten of those aspects are based directly on the well-validated Five Factor model of personality, while the other five stem from decades of research on leadership effectiveness and learning orientation. The test itself takes about 25 minutes to complete and draws on a pool of over 350,000 unique question options.

"I love ADEPT-15 because I'm an executive coach, mentor and someone who makes hiring decisions," said Ernie Paskey, Performance, Reward & Talent (PRT) Partner, AH.
"Think about the three main aspects when you evaluate talent: good decision-making process, technical skills and knowledge, and—the most mysterious and exciting to me—personality. It's what differentiates a hire between good and great. You'll see entire companies (like Disney) who know how to enchant and engage people. They create an exceptional customer experience, and it all starts with individual personalities." ​
To use ADEPT-15 on your own teams, contact Vishal Singh. The assessment will be open for individual colleague use in the next few months, so stay tuned for updates on when you can test our newest.

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