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Sebi regulations: Who would you rather be, CEO or Chairman of the Board?

12 Feb 2019  by   DINKAR PAWAN

Imagine you start a company with your own funds, nurture it, build its brand, grow its profits and when it is ready, take it public to raise fresh funds via an IPO. Until this stage, you are its CEO and if you have provided for most of the capital, also likely to be the chairman of the Board. You are used to calling the shots as the leader of management as well as setting the agenda for all strategic Board level meetings. Simply put, you run the show. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you may not be able to do that anymore.

Stock market volatility: Should ESOP holders, companies panic?

13 Dec 2018  by   Dinkar Pawan

Volatile stock market is affecting individuals as well as various sectors contributing towards the economy.

Don't fix what isn't broken

16 Jul 2018  by   Dinkar Pawan

The decision to use Stock Options over full value instruments has been fairly intuitive. They reward employees only for incremental value created for the shareholders, tie the interest of the management with those of investors, do not lead to cash outflow and are easy to understand and communicate to employees.