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Leading digital transformation for talent acquisition

17 Sep 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh

Digital transformation is demanding a lot from HR and business, and talent acquisition is at the cusp of inviting and on-boarding new talent.

ImagineeringTomorrow: Future of the Workplace

23 Jan 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh

Increasing number of CEOs are facing the heat of business disruption across multiple channels of their value chain. In the context of these changes, CEOs highlight following top 5 talent risks to their business.

ImagineeringTomorrow: Creating success with new economy partners

06 Jan 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh

We asked a group of Imagineers to share thoughts on how they would structure and ready an organization to harness the potential of Shared and Gig Economy. Three guiding principles emerged from the discussion.