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Stock market volatility: Should ESOP holders, companies panic?

13 Dec 2018  by   Dinkar Pawan

Volatile stock market is affecting individuals as well as various sectors contributing towards the economy.

India Inc salary hike projections: It doesn’t need a lot of math

19 Nov 2018  by   Anandorup Ghose

Recently there has been a fair degree of interest over how “the math” for 10% salary hikes in India appears “wrong”. I wanted to thank everyone who has written or discussed the subject, because we keep hearing similar arguments from companies and the media but never had the argument structured into a note that we could discuss.

We have a role to play in reintegrating veterans into the society

19 Nov 2018  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

Veterans are exceptional individuals who have served our country, upheld the highest standards of performance in the most extraordinary situations

Skill upgradation, outplacement services key to manage post-merger job redundancies: Experts

13 Nov 2018  by   Times Of India

New Delhi, Oct 7 () Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often lead to anxiety and concerns on employment front among employees due to redundancies of jobs at a merged entity and the fair approach by companies to tackle this is by investing in proactive skill upgradation and outplacement services, experts say.

Are senior Indian leaders comfortable with being uncomfortable?

12 Nov 2018  by   Sumit Sethi & Rupali Pardasani

Today, the industry is witnessing a profound transformation, rendering survival of businesses in tough situations and requiring leaders to re-define their paradigms for success.

What’s plaguing the HR startup universe?

16 Oct 2018  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

In the startup ecosystem, HR has often been at the bottom of the pyramid, usually overlooked and majorly outsourced. Although the “recruiting” arm of HR has got its fair share of limelight and the first one to go online, the remainder of the HR functions often falls to the wayside. However, change is inevitable, and we have seen the investment activity pick up in the so-called “prosthetic” arms of HR, like training, talent assessment, performance management, compensation & benefits etc.

Is humility holding you back as a leader?

15 Oct 2018  by   SUMIT SETHI

Are you the one who chooses to exit or enter the elevator last, in spite of being there first? Gives up the elbow right whenever you find yourself in the middle seat of an aircraft or the one who holds back and speaks last in office meetings? If you see such patterns in your social and professional life and have a “that’s me” moment when thinking about it, stay with that thought and reflect if it’s a default action or a choice that you are making.

The Spotlight: Roopank Chaudhary, Partner, India

08 Oct 2018  by   Roopank Chaudhary

The Spotlight is a regular Q & A feature that showcases our people, their expertise, and trending topics that are on top of our clients’ minds directly from the voices of our business leaders.

Leading digital transformation for talent acquisition

17 Sep 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh

Digital transformation is demanding a lot from HR and business, and talent acquisition is at the cusp of inviting and on-boarding new talent.

Change the game: the T20 format of driving high performance

23 Jul 2018  by   Swadha Ojha

International test cricket was the mecca for cricket fans in the 1990s. The quality of play and its “stability” was indulgingly appreciated by its cult following. The T20 format, in contrast, is a vast transformation. The dynamism of the format, nimble talent, and fast pace of the game has brought an enormous thrill to its growing fan base. Come to think of it, companies have had to go through a format transformation of their own – from mature and unwavering mammoths to agile, nimble, and ever-adapting entities. In such a scenario, one of the biggest game changers for success has been attracting managing and retaining the best talent.