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Salary Increases in 2020: Less Hype, More Hope

27 Jan 2021  by   The Economic Times

After all the apprehensions around job losses and pay cuts, the average employee in India, still saw a real, inflation adjusted pay increase in 2020.

Can you expect a salary hike, bonus in 2021?

21 Jan 2021  by   India Today

More companies are planning to give better salary hikes and bonuses to existing employees in 2021, as per a fresh salary trends survey. The average salary hike expected in India in 2021 is 7.3 per cent.

Budget 2021 must build on recent reforms in labour, education: HR experts

20 Jan 2021  by   Financial Express

Union Budget 2021 Expectations for Human Resource Sector: The scale of provisions under the Digital India mission and the Skill India campaign needs to increase as there has been a rapid rise in new-age digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, they suggested.

Shifting to a small town for work from home? A pay cut may tag along

19 Jan 2021  by   Economic Times

HR experts and consultancies feel under new rules, salary change for some WFH employees may be likely. And if and when formalised, new rules may see employers save 20-25% of cost per small town WFH employee.

Explained: Why India Inc is planning to hire more in first 3 months of 2021

07 Jan 2021  by   India Today

Indian companies are likely to increase hiring activity in the first three months of 2021. Not just hiring but many companies across sectors are also expected to roll out salary hikes for employees.

The India Salary Increase Story – The Twists of 2020 or Just a Blip?

31 Dec 2020  by   The Economic Times

As per 1050 participating organisations, the pay increases in 2020 in India stands at 6.1%, which is approximately 120 basis points higher than the inflation rate.

The sheen of work from home is fading

25 Dec 2020  by   Money Control

As organisations look at a larger population working from home, it becomes important to understand which ones can be moved to a virtual environment because they are siloed, process jobs vs. which are at the core of innovation and customer service which require humans to act and behave as humans

It's bonus as usual: India Inc keeps calm and carries on

22 Dec 2020  by   Economic Times

About two-thirds of major companies in the country, including ITC, PepsiCo and Maruti Suzuki, have handed out bonuses, variable payouts and incentives to their employees this year, despite the Covid-19 outbreak taking its toll on their businesses.

New wage rule may raise India Inc's costs from April

08 Dec 2020  by   The Economic Times

Come April 2021, salary slips, provident fund (PF) and gratuity components, take-home pay and even balance sheets of India Inc will be impacted, thanks to the government’s new compensation rules, which are part of the Code on Wages passed by Parliament last year.

India Inc & startups to give salary hikes in 2021? AON says yes!

04 Nov 2020  by   Times Now

AON India CEO Nitin Sethi says this report captures that companies are planning genuine increments, and not disguising the restoration of salary cuts as increments.