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The Confusing Campus Compass – Whom Should You Hire?

22 Feb 2018  by   Anandorup Ghose

We want to believe that principles and logic guide actions. And consequently, you want to believe that pay and hiring trends across technical, business and legal campuses (to name a few) should follow the economic trends and job situation in the country as a whole. But here is where the campus compass does a wild jig.

Is having a chief digital officer the need of the hour?

19 Feb 2018  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

We are not unfamiliar with the fact that businesses today are in a constant state of flux. The discourse around digital economy suggests that digitisation is a business transformer and not merely a technology trend. To play catch up with the mega-trends that are shaping businesses today, organisations need to go that extra mile to stay relevant.

Looking back at 2017, and the year ahead in the job market.

02 Jan 2018  by   Anandorup Ghose

There is, unfortunate as it may be, a degree of "fadchasing" in our world of HR. Every year there is a new idea that swims to the top of all conversations and often core questions that need to be answered get lost in the chase of this new idea. If 2016 was the year of the bell curve, 2017 was the year of AI and machine learning.

Be a problem solver: Letter to a first time job seeker

02 Jan 2018  by   Harpreet Singh Grover

If you want a customer service job, you should know that hirers want someone who is smart enough to understand what the customer is asking for and is patient when dealing with them

Talent Acquisition: Shifting Expectations, New Challenges

02 Jan 2018  by   Pritish Gandhi, Pooja Chitkara

Business today is highly unpredictable with the VUCA environment. Organizations have to rethink their strategy and realign to ensure they remain relevant. In this fast changing landscape HR and other function leaders need to closely align with business to deliver results

How to build an analytics culture in HR

30 Dec 2017  by   People Matters

As HR takes on the role of a business partner, here's what they need to build a culture of analytics within the function.

Rethinking Rewards: The Art of Personalization

28 Dec 2017  by   Pritish Gandhi, Pooja Chitkara

Rewarding employees holistically, as per their needs and preferences is gradually garnering organizations attention and they are coming up with interesting and innovative ways to reward and engage their employees.

How Can Employer Brand Perception Meet Reality?

Perception drives all aspects of our lives—from the phone we buy to the airlines we choose to fly and in our big life decisions, such as our friends, career, or even a life partner.

How objective is your hiring process?

13 Dec 2017  by   People Matters

Creating an effective hiring process doesnt have to be a daunting process. Shivanker Singh, Senior Consultant, Aon Hewitt shares his thoughts on how an employer make sure they remain objective in their hiring process.

The Meritocracy - Teamwork Conundrum

12 Dec 2017  by   Forbes India

While you are reading this piece I would encourage you to open another browser window and search for the some corporate value statements – stop reading further if meritocracy and teamwork don’t show up for at least 90 percent of companies. Everyone wants to believe that they promote a culture where the most capable swim up to the surface and lead, while also believing that everyone is fundamentally bound together as a cohesive team. I want to believe that too, just that I have little doubt that it is fundamentally not possible to have both.