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Au Financiers will hire 10,000 people in next 18 months: Sanjay Agarwal

23 Sep 2016  by   The Times of India

Au Financiers on a path of rapid growth in India. Aon Hewitt is excited to be their HR consulting partner.

Sandeep Chaudhary: Healthy people are more productive

01 Aug 2016  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO of Aon Hewitt India talks to Livemint about how running keeps him focused at work, and the leadership lessons you can find in distance running.

What drove IDFC Bank to choose HR Technology ahead of the curve?

25 Jul 2016  by   Animesh Kumar

Animesh Kumar, Head- HR, Brand & Foundation, IDFC Bank speaks about the bank's innovative approach that drives a new way of doing things, and the big opportunities that lie ahead for HR Technology. Watch the video.

Gender pay gap: Is it deliberate?

21 Jul 2016  by   Nishtha Sharma | Manasi Jain

Gender pay gap: Is it deliberate? This article authored by our consultants, Nishtha Sharma and Manasi Jain in Forbes India analyses the reasons for this gap.

Implementation of seventh pay to make entry level government jobs more attractive: Aon Hewitt

05 Jul 2016  by   The Economic Times

The implementation of the recommendations of the seventh pay commission will make entry level government jobs more attractive than those in the private sector. Read more about the Aon Hewitt analysis shared with The Economic Times

Companies must treat employees as customers: Aon’s Mark Oshima

05 Jul 2016  by   Mark Oshima | Sharad Visvanath

Aon M&A leaders, Mark Oshima and Sharad Visvanath speak with Livemint about people issues during mergers and in e-commerce businesses, and the emergence of 'growth businesses'.

The ET Now coverage of the 7th Pay Commission with Aon Hewitt's data.

30 Jun 2016  by   ET Now

How do salaries in the government sector stack up against salaries in the private sector? ET Now assesses the 7th Pay Commission using Aon Hewitt's comparative data of government and private sector salaries.

A new positive tension in HR

16 Jun 2016  by   Anandorup Ghose

Does the future of HR lie in using strict data to judge and grow the right talent? Anandorup Ghose, Partner, Aon Hewitt India shares his insights in People Matters.

Listed companies have higher portion of variable pay and long-term incentives: Aon Hewitt Survey

17 May 2016  by   Avneet Kaur

Aon Hewitt’s Executive Compensation Survey analyses the pay mix of CXOs across India.

The fixed pay culture at top management is fading away, making way for stock based plans

04 May 2016  by   Anubhav Gupta

The projected fixed pay for top management has gone down from 9.7% to 9.5%. Read the article for more insights on changing Executive Compensation Trends.