A day in the life of a Rewards professional during the salary revision cycle

15 Mar 2018 by  Gaurav Gupta

Creation of Salary Increase Matrix for deciding compensation %

  • Comp & Ben Manager to HR Head: Please send me the final ratings for the group
  • HR Head: You will get it from the respective BU Heads
  • Comp & Ben HR Heads: Will they be the approved ratings? Also, how will the hike% be calculated?
  • HR Head: Once you have received the ratings from the BU Heads, please send them to me for final approval. The hikes will be basis a matrix between job performance and compa-ratio.
  • Comp & Ben Manager: Can we please expedite the process as I have to manually key in the formula in the spreadsheet for each business unit. I hope there will be no exceptions this time
  • HR Head: As usual there will be exceptions and most probably multiple matrices may need to be created
  • Comp & Ben Manager: Oh no… so the time for late nights have started now.​

Inability to identify bottlenecks and clarity around remuneration decisions against budgets

  • Comp & Ben Manager to HR Head: I am receiving salary hike figures which are much higher than the budgeted amounts. Every time I have to check if the salary recommendations have exceeded their budgets
  • HR Head: Oh…But you can use conditional formatting to check that, right?
  • Comp & Ben Head: I had applied conditional formatting on each file. However, the files that I received do not have any now. They have tampered with the files.
  • HR Head: Oh no…how will you resolve the issue now?
  • Comp & Ben Head: I will match each file with my original file to see if everything is in place or not
  • HR Head: Hmmm….Can you work on this quickly please? I will need the data tomorrow for a meeting with the CEO and CFO

Printing and /or mailing salary revision letters

  • HR Head to Comp & Ben Head: Hey, have the comp letters been distributed?
  • Comp & Ben Head: No, we are still correcting the database. This will take some more time
  • HR Head: It’s already very late. We have missed the deadline. Can we expedite the distribution by sending this through e-mail, physical copies can follow later?
  • Comp & Ben Head: Even that will require correcting the database
  • HR Head: Can we add a line of appreciation from the CEO for our high performers and maybe something different for our “4 raters” too
  • Comp & Head: That is impossible. Customization in the body of the mail will take ages to be prepared and printed
  • HR Head: Also, I had asked for letters of appreciation to be printed for our CSR awardees. The CEO will be personally presenting these
  • Comp & Ben Head: Yes. Those are printed, but because of this additional work, the salary revision letters got delayed

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