Aon India's 15th Annual Rewards Conference 2021
1st October | 22nd October | 10th December 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Aon India's 15th Annual Rewards Conference 2021

Aon India’s 15th Annual Rewards Conference will play out across three immersive episodes on October 1, October 22, and December 10. Why are the episodes weeks apart? Because we believe ‘binge watching’ is not good for deep dives. Get into the weeds with Post-Pandemic Rewards, Rewards for Digital Convergence and Executive Rewards Evolution with Aon and industry thought leaders.


Episode I - 1st October

Returning to work - A safe plan to return select workers onsite, while enabling remote and flexible working options for others
Evolving Pay Drivers - Adopting a future-ready pay approach with new anchors of skills, locations and equity
Preparing for Growth - Prioritize key talent retention, differentiation and careers to contain attrition levels in the next growth wave

Episode II - 22nd October

Rewards Strategy for Convergence - Deploy an effective rewards strategy as technology roles cross traditional industry boundaries
Build vs Buy: The Digital Conundrum - Reimaging the supply chain and success profile for your talent to accelerate digital readiness
Salary↑ : Productivity? - Explore how organizations are leveraging leaner structures for enhanced role and business productivity


Episode III - 10th December

Global CEO Pay Lessons - Navigate executive pay with increased regulator scrutiny, shareholder activism and societal expectations
Private Markets Rewards - Explore founders compensation rewards philosophy, and LTI plans from series A to IPO
Board Expectations @ India Inc. - Explore how board expectations on rewards, succession and diversity are evolving for blue-chip organizations

We look forward to your participation.