Aon Campus Study 2020-21

Aon Campus Study 2020-21

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to climb, it will be increasingly important to navigate the months ahead with insights on how to plan and strategize for campus hiring.

This year’s study is focused on incorporating compensation and hiring trends for MBA, B.Tech/M.Tech, Business Graduates, CAs, BSc, BPharm/ MPharm, LLB, Hotel Management etc. across various tiers of colleges.

Additionally, we are keen on providing qualitative insights on differential campus practices, given the current scenario.

Key Features of the Study:
The study aims to understand the dynamics of campus compensation and recruitment strategies across various academic streams in-depth insights to help organizations build and develop their campus strategy basis:

  • Campus Hiring trends and Demand Outlook

  • Transformation of Recruitment and Onboarding Processes

  • Campus Compensation Across Different Tiers of Colleges and Sectors

  • Internships and Stipends Offered

  • Differentiated Practices Offered at Campuses

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