The Engagement Outliers

How to Accelerate Extraordinary Improvement in Employee Engagement

According to our 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, we found that 63% of employees are engaged. When we looked at the 359 organizations in the “Outliers Study,” we found that engagement improved year over year by only one point on average. At this rate, it will take the average company more than 10 years to achieve top quartile engagement levels—more than 20 years for bottom quartile companies to move to the top quartile. With some effort, companies can expect to see 5 point improvement year over year, as we see with organizations at the 75th percentile of change. But for many, this type of progress is not fast enough. Our data show that companies with top quartile employee engagement have higher revenue growth and higher total shareholder return than other organizations. Knowing this important link to long-term performance, most leaders with average or below-average employee engagement levels would like to quickly achieve and build upon top quartile engagement scores. To help understand how companies can accelerate extraordinary employee engagement improvements, we focused on a small group of outlier companies that are improving in significant ways.

The Engagement Outliers
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