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Improving Engagement Through Better Hiring

Imagine an employee who’s in a less-than-stellar work situation; we’ll call her Sally. Her employer is going through a big change, which isn’t being communicated very well to employees. The uncertainty has inspired a lot of turnover, and her manager is preoccupied, maybe a little abrupt, and not very responsive. Through it all Sally continues to be highly engaged in her role — she puts forth extra effort to get the job done well and is willing to stick it out until things settle down and improve. Why?

Now consider Samuel. He has been with his company for 18 months. He is paid slightly above market, is working for a company that is performing well, has responsibilities that suit his experience, has a team that is motivated, and a leader who genuinely cares. In short, he has the conditions that should make it easy to be engaged. But he hasn’t been for the last six months. The same thing happened in his previous job. No matter what happened, he just couldn’t sustain the initial enthusiasm he had about his new opportunity.

This white paper will look at the role of personality traits in engagement, how hiring for engagement creates advantages for your organization, and how to combine your hiring practices with your engagement goals to drive elite performance.

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