Study Benefits - Top Companies for Leaders

The latest edition of Top Companies for Leaders reveals that many corporates are using a variety of leadership and talent strategies and practices to be future-ready.

Study Benefits - Top Companies for Leaders

Why should I participate?

The Top Companies for Leaders study provides valuable intelligence for organizations looking to improve leadership capabilities and develop a strong talent pipeline. Past participants have stated that simply completing the survey questionnaire was thought provoking and resulted in new ideas and insights.

  • Learn where your organization is today and what you can do to build or maintain the right leadership processes for your business
  • Gain clear insights and facts on how top organizations use leadership to drive business success
  • Get evidence to build a business case for talent and leadership in your organization

What do I receive from participation?

Participating in this study will equip your company with the information and insights you need to identify and develop your leadership talent to drive sustainable business success in your organization.

All participating organizations will:

  • Receive a Company Benchmark Report to help identify areas of strengths and development
  • Receive a Market Insights Report sharing the Best Practices and insights of the Top Companies for Leaders
  • Receive an invitation to a particular exclusive LinkedIn group
  • Participate in a a half-day workshop to develop a roadmap to becoming a Top Company for Leaders (paid for separately)
  • Participate in the Aon Hewitt Top Company for Leaders learning conference to learn about best practices in leadership development, network with peers, and listen to winners share their experiences (paid for separately)

Organizations named as an Aon Hewitt Top Company for Leaders will also:

  • Gain public recognition as a Top Company for Leaders
  • Be a member of the exclusive Top Companies for Leaders Think Tank
  • Have opportunities to promote their leadership and talent brand through our media releases, Aon Hewitt conferences and other speaking engagements
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