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Moonlighting: Pain For Employers Or Future Of Work?

21 Feb 2022 by  Bloom | Quint

Tushar runs an accounting outsourcing service in Kolkata. One of his employees⁠—Rajdeep—resigned in November 2020 when he received an offer that paid twice as much. His new job was that of an accounting specialist for a bank in the U.S. He was to work remotely from India.

Tushar and Rajdeep, whose names have been changed on request of confidentiality, decided to work out an arrangement. Rajdeep would continue working for Tushar on the side and take the salary in cash. Tushar got to maintain continuity of work. Rajdeep made an extra buck.

A one-off example? Maybe not as one-off as it once was.

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Bloom | Quint