About the Aon Campus Study

About the Aon Campus Study

Aon Campus Study 2019-20

The Campus Study is a flagship Aon study that provides clients with insights into campus compensation and hiring trends. The study aims to provide market intelligence and expertise to help organizations build and develop their campus strategy. The Pan India study 2018-19 garnered participation from 352 organizations across 8 different industries such as Manufacturing/Engineering, Hi-Tech, Consumer Products, Services, Financial Institutions, IT Enabled Services, E-Commerce and Life Sciences. The report provides in-depth insights on hiring and compensation trends across different tiers of colleges to grasp the dynamics of campus compensation and recruitment strategies across various academic streams such as MBA, Engineering, Business graduation, B.Sc, Hotel Management, Law, CA/CFA, Pharmacy, Design and Ph.D. etc.

The Aon Campus report will cover the following:

Analysis by Tier of Colleges:

  1. IIM / IIT
  2. Tier 1
  3. Tier 2
  4. Tier 3

Analysis by Compensation Anchors:

  1. Total Fixed Pay
  2. Total Cost to Company
  3. Joining Bonus

Analysis by Percentile Points:

  1. P10
  2. P25
  3. P50
  4. Average
  5. P75
  6. P90

In addition to this, we will also provide general market trends on the following:

  • Benefits
  • Brand Building
  • Attrition Analysis
  • Internships & Stipend
  • Functional Hire Preference etc.

Important dates -

  • Study Launch – 2nd September, 2019
  • Participation Confirmation Deadline – 15th September, 2019
  • Data Submission Deadline –  15th October, 2019
  • Report Release (MBA & B.Tech Lite Report) – December 2019
  • Report Release (Full Report- All Educational Qualifications) – January 2020