AHLC’s Insights for Employee Engagement Experts

AHLC’s Insights for Employee Engagement Experts

Embed Engagement in your Organisation

Employee engagement is falling. This segment helps you tackle upcoming challenges and find solutions through capability development.

Focusing on the Challenge

2017 brings ambiguity - the rise of populism and disruptive technologies is challenging organisations in an unprecedented way. Organisations and their leaders will need to make decisions on how best to engage their employees.

Understanding through Research

Through our latest report, we examine how global employee engagement levels have changed over the last year and the forces that are likely causing these shifts. We explore and offer the following insights:

  • Key drivers of employee engagement from a global and regional perspective
  • Unique regional challenges organisations face
  • Ways leaders can overcome challenges and re-engage their workforce
Solutioning with Expert Capability

Sustaining a culture of collaboration and innovation finds its roots in an engaged workforce. It is important for HR to learn the fundamentals and refine processes through new age insights and best practices. Our learning journey, Certified Engagement Expert helps engagement owners ready themselves for Engagement 2.0

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