Aon IT/ITeS & Radford Annual Talent & Rewards Conference

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Aon IT/ITES & Radford Annual Talent & Rewards Conference 2019

There’s a shift happening. Human Resources is reinventing itself.

Traditional HR departments, which have been around for 40 years, have long been focused on ensuring compliance and decreasing liability for the organization. The next journey for HR leaders will be to apply a consumer and a digital lens to the HR function to deliver an employee experience that is personalized, compelling and memorable.
Clearly, there’s a difference here—a difference that is just beginning to emerge and will be the defining chasm between good and great companies.

The rise of millennials, emergence of blended workforce and shift in business models have pushed organizations to give more power to people over every aspect of their journey in the organization than ever before. This is inherently driving the HR function to make some fundamental changes in the way it operates. Leveraging Technology Tools, Social Media Platforms and People Analytics across the entire spectrum of HR function is the need of the hour in co-creating an unbeatable employee experience.

The digital revolution has elevated the value of people to an organization. Hence, making the workplace an experience is truly strategic for HR to fight the war for talent and stay relevant.

Aon IT/ITeS & Radford Annual Talent & Rewards Conference 2019

19th February 2019