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McLagan Perspectives Report 2018

We are in an age of major global transformation for financial services. As technology continues to shape a new industry landscape, firms are forced to rapidly adapt to trend in the current market, including longstanding talent and rewards strategies to stay competitive in the race for tech-enabled talent. This is a challenge that financial services firms must face head on, while at the same time contending with political and social unrest, economic fluctuation, and strong regulatory standards.

In the 2018 McLagan Perspectives Report, our team discusses these issues across sectors and regions, taking a look at some suggested tactical steps in addressing the challenges that the industry is facing. To learn more, we invite you to download your complimentary copy today.

Report Chapters:

  • Foreword
    Setting the scene for the years ahead during a transformative age for both financial services firms and McLagan
  • Forces to Watch
    Top issues that financial services firms are facing across the globe
  • Tech Disruption
    Automation is at the forefront, heightening competition for skill-specific talent and the need for organizational restructure
  • People
    Cultivating a culture that engages employees and offers opportunities for growth is essential in finding and retaining top talent
  • Performance
    Evaluating the cost and impact of technology throughout the value chain is critical to achieve optimal business performance
  • Broad Based Compensation
    In such a dynamic time of change in financial services, firms have started to review broad based compensation's classic solutions that now bring a new modern relevance
  • Executive Compensation
    As increased transparency and new regulations continue to unfold, it is critical to stay on top of changes for executive pay
  • Regulatory Update
    Firms continue to react to changing regulatory demands, causing them to rethink longstanding compensation and incentive practices
  • Regional Trends
    Trending topics in major financial services hubs across the globe

Download the McLagan Perspectives Report 2018