Aon’s Workforce Planning And Optimization Solutions

Aon’s Workforce Planning And Optimization Solutions

In today's unprecedented slowdown, organizations globally are struggling operationally and financially.

There is no better time to look for avenues to keep the organization cash flow positive and ensure that the workforce is right-sized.

An optimally sized workforce is always more productive, engaged and has the potential to drive an organization towards success, as shown through multiple research in this field.

Aon believes 2 key perspectives need to be considered by any organization embarking this journey:

1. Outside-In Perspective

2. Inside-out Perspective

In the Outside-in perspective, we look at relevant market benchmarks on some important workforce productivity metrics for the organization. We also look into the headcount and cost ratios across levels of management and job families and compare the same against a select basket of organizations.

We get a prima-facie view on some of the potential areas which are differently staffed vis-a-vis the 'market' (as defined from case to case).

However, the market view may differ from your organization due to multiple reasons such has technology, strategy, culture and talent profile to name a few. It is important to have an Inside-out perspective to ensure that our recommendations are well suited to your context and are aligned to your business and people strategy.

We are happy to understand your requirements in detail and customize a solution specifically for your organization, backed with research and data based advisory.

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