‘Virtualization’ of Organizations

‘Virtualization’ of Organizations

To thrive in the post-lockdown era organizations have already begun adapting to and leveraging this new reality to optimize costs & tap into wider talent pools.

We saw this echoed in a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs last month

  • Over 26% CEOs foresee that the entirety of their workforces with never return to their workplaces
  • Over 51% believe that the business travel will never return to the pre-pandemic levels
  • 75% believe that the rate of technological transformation has been accelerated

At Aon, we call this phenomenon ‘Virtualization’ of Organizations.

The process of identifying, migrating and supporting the employees in working from home while ensuring business as usual.”

We are enabling organizations make the transition by answering some critical questions based on data. A comprehensive framework of organizational assessments, role assessments & employee preferences helps us answer, amongst others, the following questions

  • Which parts of the value chain can be virtualized?
  • What interventions are required at job design & organization design levels to ensure productivity & collaboration levels?
  • What changes are required to enhance the virtual employee’s experience?
  • How would HR processes be re-engineered to suit the management of virtual teams?

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