Aon Benefits Study 2019

Aon Benefits Study 2019

Aon Benefits Study

With the recent promising changes in Global Political and Economic Environment, Influx of Diverse Workforce and recent favorable policy changes, India is set to acquire the center position at the global stage with highest influx of investment from around the globe.

Due to this, the talent landscape will witness a change in terms of demand and subsequently costs compelling organizations to relook at the rewards management and benefits as differentiators in EVP.

To leverage our learnings from this space and to bring forth best practices from across the general industries we invite you to participate in the first ever cross Industry Aon Benefits Study 2019.

Participation Benefits:

  1. Platform for understanding best-practices from the Industry
  2. Cross-pollination of people practices across different sub-industries within the General Industries
  3. Access to pan-industry data and trends, comprehensive analysis and granular reporting
  4. Ability to customize the report – basis industries – unique benefits are mostly industry agnostic
Industries being covered under this study:
  • Manufacturing Sector: Auto Producers, Auto Components, Power, Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining, Tyres, Cement, Engineering Design and Services, Building Materials, as well as Engineering Manufacturing organizations
  • Services Sector: Hospitality, Retail, Education, Quick Service Restraunts, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development, Professional Services, Logistics, Media, Aviation, Telecom & Ecommerce
  • Life Sciences Sector: Pharamceuticals, Medical Devices and Clinical Research Organisations
  • FMCG
All the participants will receive a cross- industry complimentary report at the time of publishing the results.

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