Performance Pulse of India Inc.

Aon Study on Evolving State of Performance Management

About the Study

Do you think your existing performance management practices are delivering the intended results? 

Performance management continues to be a hot topic of discussion among HR fraternity and has started to attract attention of the C-suite. Aon’s 2016 Workforce MindsetTM Study suggests that only 46% of employees think that the way companies assess their performance is effective.
At the same time, organizations are also re-evaluating the efficacy of their performance systems (ratings, bell curve, review frequency etc). Has it become just a ‘check-box’ process or a critical enabler to drive high performance and employee productivity? The tension between the traditional and newer approaches stems from a long-running dispute about managing people and enabling people. This calls for a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the current performance ecosystem in India Inc.

Aon invites you to participate in ‘Performance Pulse of India Inc.’– Aon Study on Evolving State of Performance Management. The study would uncover current prevalent practices of performance management and help in generating future-oriented insights for India Inc.

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