Compensation and Benefits Professional? Are these your typical conversations during salary revision cycle?

15 Mar 2018 by  Gaurav Gupta

Sharing and integrating data with multiple stakeholders

  • HR Head to Comp & Ben Manager: You have sent salary revision files to the wrong people. This has created a problem now for me!
  • Comp & Ben Manager: Oh no…Is it? But I had checked the names twice before sending.
  • HR Head: I hope you understand the consequences of this gross error on your part?
  • Comp & Ben Head: Yes, I do. But, you also should understand that I have to deal with multiple stakeholder mails and sometimes I receive responses from people to whom I did not even send the mail to…This adds to the confusion..

Manual Tracking and Reminders

  • HR Head to Comp & Ben Manager: I hope all concerned managers have submitted their salary revision proposals.
  • Comp & Ben Head: No, as usual some have not submitted their salary proposals.
  • HR Head: Can you please send me the defaulters list? Also send them a reminder mail copying their managers.
  • Comp & Ben Head: Ok. Since this is a manual process, it will take some time to collate the list of defaulters. Once that is done we will send out the reminder mails.
  • HR Head: Ok. But please expedite!
  • Comp & Ben Head: There is another issue we are facing. While some managers have met the timelines, they have proposed figures which exceed their allocated budgets.
  • HR Head: How are you going to check these people? We are back to square one.
  • Comp & Ben Head: These people have to be sent separate reminders
  • HR Head: Ideally, there should be a system, which automatically reminds managers in advance. Our generic mailers have not had the desired outcome.
  • Comp & Ben Head: We can do that from next year provided we have a bigger team.

Real-time standard and relevant reporting for Leadership

  • Head HR: Can you please quickly send me a report on the following matrices. Both the CEO and CFO would like to discuss about the budget and overspend.
  • Comp & Ben Manager: I am sorry. This will take some time as I have to extract it from the database. But just wanted to let you know that this is not part of the standard reports that was decided
  • Head HR: You know how it works. While the CFO had some questions on the budget and actual, the CEO was concerned about the market benchmark
  • Comp & Ben Head: Ok. In that case can you tell me a probable list of reports that they will require in the future. I’ll ask my team to start collating them in advance
  • Head HR: Every year we face the same problem. Some or the other CXO has a tough question to ask.
  • Comp & Ben Head: Do they understand how much effort it takes to generate real time reports?

Do these conversations sound familiar to you? If yes, then it’s time to act!

Remlink*TM can help you in these situations.
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