ARTq | Vol 1 - Issue 1

Vol. 1 | Issue 1

The new year is every man's birthday - a period of renewed dreams and refreshed hearts. As you pick the best memories and lessons from 2018 and take your position at the start line once again, I wish you explore more of yourself and the world!

Writing this note is a bittersweet moment for me, as after 17 phenomenal years, I will be moving on from Aon. It has been phenomenal to work with colleagues and clients who have played an incredible role in my journey. Words cannot express my gratitude for your warmth and affection. I thank you and reassure you that I leave the firm stronger.

The end and start of a year is always a reflective and promising moment. While for many 2018 was the year of transition, I see 2019 far from promising stability. In fact the issue at hand is one that I take very seriously: employers and employees face a global skill crisis that could hold back the economic promise. Call it the skill paradox, but small and new businesses are drivers of technology and innovation, their digital business models are reshaping our world. The biggest challenge is that our skill-building is in no way matching up to the pace oftechnological progress.

The cost of inaction for businesses and talent will be staggering. The impact will be different for different industries, but none will be safe. It will be naive to believe that most of the current jobs will be taken over by new intelligent technologies. I see many of our current roles being reconfigured. Instead of asking which jobs will prevail, we should instead ask how roles will be redefined and in what ways will the new technologies empower us. From denial we have moved to fear, while the right place is to be excited to unlearn and take a new birth. The future promises a fresh and equal opportunity to all because willingness to change and adapt is more important than what we know today. The good news is that skill development is itself rapidly evolving. For the first time the focus is both on technical and innately human skills, like empathy and analytical thinking.

Much of our research, work with clients, and internal innovations are focused around agility, digital, predictive analytics, automation, upskilling etc. We feel confident about the future and our place in it. This edition of Aon Rewards & Talent Quarterly (ARTq), which is the first of its kind, combines our capability across the entire spectrum of Talent, Rewards & Performance to present our view on several topical issues our clients are grappling with. We are proud to support and collaborate with you to reimagine and prepare for the future.

Thanks again for your partnership and wishing you the very best in 2019!

Sandeep Chaudhary,
Aon India Consulting

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