ARTq | Vol 1 - Issue 2

Vol. 1 | Issue 2

Dear Reader,

You are possibly picking up this copy of our quarterly as you take your seat at our 12th Annual Performance and Rewards Conference. Those of you who have been regulars at this conference must have noticed that over a period this event has transformed from a confluence of client experiences and learnings to us bringing to you our original research and perspectives for the audience. We can do this on the back of our newly minted Research and Innovation group that has been focusing on some serious analytics of HR and rewards data. 

For those who missed listening to the presentations from this team at the conference, this quarterly also carries a lot of the research and analytics that the team has done — and for this edition it is focused on analyzing organizational "agility". It's almost a hot button topic in the world of business where everyone has an opinion on what drives agility or lack of it — our research attempts to go behind the noise and analyze it more from what the data seems to suggest! As an extension to that, this quarterly also explores the whole new world of talent acquisition and how new age approaches are increasingly being used to determine competencies required by agile organizations. 

A lot of the articles that you see in this edition along with the trend check capsules from across a range of performance, assessments, executive compensation and our annual salary increase study, are all aimed at ensuring we set ourselves a higher bar in our ability to capture, analyze and interpret a lot more data than what we have done traditionally in the past. Our business is moving from being purely based on analyzing rewards, performance and talent acquisition data to one where data is just a means to answering broader business questions. And we aim to lead that space.

Welcome to a more agile Aon! 

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