Compensation & Benefits

Recruitment and Analytics Fitment Tool

Organisations often face challenges in getting the hiring right. A few of the challenges faced are :

  • High rate of offer rejections
  • Not enough internal recruitment data
  • No formalized data for internal/ external positioning. Most data is anecdotal
  • Lack of consistency in banding across departments
  • No 'Offer Governance' mechanism

Aon with its 'Recruitment Analytics and Fitment Tool' aims to address these challenges. The tool is built on the following four principles :

  • Uniform Fitment Criteria
  • Parity of Pay
  • Governance
  • Market Competitiveness

The tool as an end output is able to :

  • Provide final level and offer amount with percentage increase over current salary
  • Indicate external as well as internal positioning (Percentile and Compa Ratio) for proposed compensation
  • Call out  any exceptions and anomalies that need to get an exceptional approval
  • Provide the output in a user friendly PDF document, which can be mailed for any approvals