Compensation & Benefits

Aon Workforce Analytics Tool

We have repeatedly heard from clients on the constant need to know how the industry and the competition is evolving. Too often, organisations don't have access to market data or transforming raw data into actionable business intelligence requires hours of manual data collection and formatting.
Aon Workforce Analytics Tool draws upon our deep expertise with HR data, strong database and is engineered to help HR leaders deliver greater value to the business to manage their workforce more competitively.
The tool provides analysis across 4 specific segments :

  • Demographic Dividends such as gender mix, age spread, tenure distribution, job family distribution
  • Key Operating Metrices — population pyramids, wage bill analysis, span of control, people ratios
  • Cost Agenda — Salary Cost per FTE, analysis across job families, salary compression, median movements, pay mix
  • Locational Advantage - locational cost, advantage index, locational job, distribution map, skill heat maps

The tool gives a complete overview of the market state and helps organisations identify areas of focus.