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RemCentral Software Solution

Compensation review is one of the most high profile activities in your HR team's calendar and determines one of your organisations greatest investments. Aon RemCentral software solution takes away the margin-for-error when it comes to the compensation review process and eases the administrative burden on your HR team.
RemCentral automates the operational side of the compensation review process, allowing your HR team to focus on the quality of the inputs and outputs, maximising the overall efficiency and accuracy of the process.

How it works

This based tool consolidates all the information for compensation review into one file. It then automatically generates secure individual files for access by reviewing managers, to facilitate the distribution and then collation of the business's input into the compensation review. Information collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Performance management outcomes
  • Salary increase recommendations
  • Incentive / bonus / commission recommendations
  • Compensation package details

RemCentral can also be tailored to incorporate calculations that:

  • Ensure managers are aware of their budget
  • Make salary recommendations in line with the compensation principles
  • Report on outcomes for managers.

RemCentral automatically generates individual compensation review letters and compensation statements from the compensation review database, without the need for multiple fiddly templates, or a detailed and time-consuming checking process. These files can be password protected.
Aon RemCentral provides your HR team with a level of control, consistency, efficiency and accuracy that is integral to the successful execution of the compensation review.

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