Aon Radford India Study 2019

Aon Radford India Study 2019

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the Aon Radford India Study 2019.

Formerly called the Aon Hi Tech Industry Study, it encompasses the most comprehensive data collection of the IT industry with participation from 200+ organizations every year. The study covers analysis across 1000+ Jobs - core and support functions, providing you with greater insights to help you take your compensation decisions.

What’s new this year:

  • We have revamped our Job Match Document to reflect the changing nature of the Indian Technology Industry
  • New categories for Security, Data Management and Advanced Analytics have been created
  • The Job Framework has been expanded to include emerging roles like Full Stack Developer, Automation Development and Support, Blockchain  Developer, Agile Project Manager etc.

The Study Includes

  • Participation from 200 + leading organizations across all major sub sectors within the Industry – Services, Products and Semi-Conductors
  • Detailed Compensation analysis for 1000+ Jobs across 100+ Job Families covering core and support functions
  • With changing nature of jobs due to digitization and increasing cost pressures on organizations to optimize budget spend, it is has become imperative that key compensation decisions are backed by stronger people analytics. The section “Additional Insights” which is aimed to provide key analytics around performance and pay differentiation, rating and promotion linkage and changing pyramids will help in making sound compensation decisions in the ever changing HR landscape. This analysis would be presented on select Job families based on criticality and data availability.

Participation Advantage

  • Participation in the study is completely FREE
  • Access to Aon’s strong and proprietary industry framework
  • Complimentary participant report with key percentiles and 2 pay anchors
  • Cost and time effective access to accurate findings and in-depth analysis
  • Complete data confidentiality of your data
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